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Community Paws
Lending A Helping Paw In Our Community

Our Commitment To Local Animal Shelters


We're dedicated to our community! A portion of our proceeds goes to providing food for the local animal shelters. This gives our customers the opportunity to shop for quality nutrition for their pets and helping the community.

Abbie has recently received approval for her 501c3. Miss Abbie's Helping Paws. Thank you for being a partner in Miss Abbie's Ambition.

Our Commitment To The Citizens Of Our Community

We have a year-round, not just in winter, commitment to helping our homeless and less fortunate community members. Whether it's donating turkeys at Thanksgiving, hygiene products in summer and things in between, Miss Abbie's ambition is to help wherever she can.


This is something Abbie learned from her own family's commitment to being change-makers in the community. She has found a way to have her passion and work intersect to leave a good "paw" in the community.

Abbie and friend
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