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Miss Abbie

Abbie Baking

Our founder, Miss Abbie, started the business at just 7 years old. She's an incredible young lady with a passion for helping animals, especially her two rescue dogs "Boots" and "Willow", and her rescue cat "Princess". 

In the last several years she has added another dog "Levi" and a cat named "Chase"


Abbie started making healthy dog and cat treats since she had a desire to provide only the best for her animals. She did this through research that provided her the knowledge of the most beneficial products to feed her animals. She then used that knowledge to format nutritional treats without adding sugar, salt or preservatives.


Soon, the whole family was involved and it became a hobby for everyone.  After a few brief months and encouragement  from her family, she started making treats and selling them at small farmers markets in the area. Soon she applied to become a vendor at the Perrysburg OH farmers market and her dream continues to this day.


Her small business is continues to expand, she has several different categories of pet treats, bones, dehydrated and freeze dried treats and along with her popular Ambary Alive products.


Abbie is passionate about animals, their nutrition, and the overall management of care to ensure they live healthier, more active, and more content lives. She uses only healthy human-grade natural products to make great-tasting treats that dogs and cats love.


Miss Abbie's follows USDA/FDA guidelines for quality and nutrition to make sure your furry friend's health isn't compromised.


Thank you for trusting us with the important task of providing healthier alternatives to your pet treats.

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