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Abbie and Mom have  been working hard on creating the perfect formula of CBD  Dog Treats for your pets pain and discomfort due to old age, cancer, seizures, epilepsy and other chronic health issues. We are working on a holistic approach by using the oil from the hemp plant to make sure there is no THC added so we may still provide the same quality treat. We have consulted a chemist along with a few top experts in this field to enable only the best for your pet.

We have recently added a 2nd step to our cooking process that will allow the treats to be shelf stable instead of refrigerated this will becoming soon and look for the new packaging.

Abbie will have her newest creations coming in the next few days to week. She has created some nice hand made dog bracelets and necklaces and will have them added soon. Thank you for your trust in us and yet expecting only the best for your animals.