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Miss Abbie is an incredible 9 year old girl with a passion for helping and loving animals, especially her two rescue dogs "Boots" and "Willow", and her rescue cat " Princess". She also hopes to add a horse one day to her fun furry family. Abbie started making healthy dog and cat treats because of how much she loved her animals, also it  was fun to do with her family. With family support and encouragement, she started making treats for pets around the neighborhood and everyone loved them. Two years later her small business is still growing, she has many satisfied customers and they come back weekly for more of  Miss Abbie's All Natural Pet Treats. Providing healthy treats are important to maintaining your dogs overall health, this matters as much to you as it does to us.  Abbie takes out all unnecessary ingredients and uses only healthy human grade natural products to make great tasting treats that dogs and cats around the area love. Abbie also gives back by donating a portion of all her sales to a local animal shelter within or around the Toledo, Ohio area.  

Pick up a bag of Miss Abbie's  All Natural Pet Products today. Your furry friend will love them and so will you!